Our name is also our Programme. We are a colorful bunch: old and young, international and multicultural, modern and classical. We offer a musical home away from home for people living in Potsdam especially foreigners .

The choral literature that we sing comes from all over the world. We sing almost everything: folk, classical and pop music – also in the original language.

Are you looking for a choir in Potsdam? You’ll fit in with us if you’re cosmopolitan, enthusiastic about music and have some singing experience. We look forward to you!

The choir is currently rehearsing online thursdays at 7 p.m.. As soon as it is possible, we will rehearse in person again. Write us an e-mail and you will be informed about the current rehearsal location. Write us an email, then you will be informed about the current rehearsal location.

At the moment we are actually looking for male voices as we have many female voices already

Thursdays at 7 p.m. – online!